Our mission is:

“Our skills, professionalism, and experience can make profit for You”

AGRO SUPPORT mission is clear and straightforward :

  • to help leading domestic agricultures producers to sell their goods as effectively as possible.
  • to support  them with deep professional knowledge and vast experience, 

which is necessary to cope in Poland and outside our country.

Providing trading solutions of the highest quality, meeting the customer’s needs and continuous increase of offered services is a primary matter of AGRO SUPPORT  company.

Our motto  is honesty, professionalism, accuracy and reliability.

We are loyal and open to our suppliers and vendors and thanks to which we can build a reliable and long-term cooperation on confidence based on confidence.

About company:

AGRO SUPPORT is professional and effective trade and consulting company specialized in commodities exchange between Polish and international companies.

Our firm services  focus on Polish grains producers , mill and  feed manufacturers  as well as trade companies. Our offer includes services connected with seeking domestic and foreign suppliers and vendors mainly from agricultural and food sector. We also offer  a wide range of products used in food and feed industry. 

Our offer:

We offer a wide range of raw materials and products used both in food and animal feed industry.

Our specialization includes the following product groups:

  • milling and feeding grains (corn, wheat, , rye,  barley, oat,)
  • oil plants (oilseed rape, sunflower, )
  • other (rape meal, soybean meal, sunflower meal, vegetable oil, wheat bran, rye bran, pea, lupin..)